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Ajit Kumar Singh

Ajit Kumar Singh

A graduate from College of Art, University of Delhi, Ajit's inspiration comes from his memories.

Memories of his childhood, which in one sweeping instant take him back to his hometown, back to his dwelling, where the rivers surge and the trees sway ever so youthful! The narrow by lanes of Hazaribagh beckon with arms outstretched, and his longing to relive that juvenile chapter translates in the form of his watercolours.

Jharkhand has always been known for its magnificent landscapes, which are a visual treat for any artist. His inclinations lie towards painting landscapes in rustic settings, old forgotten monuments, ghats, and boats. As a medium, he has always preferred watercolour over any other medium out of sheer love for the medium. He uses the classic watercolour method of using only the white of the paper to shine through the delicate washes for the highlights. He also works in pen and ink and enjoys making the bold strokes that give way to a form. It gives him great delight to be able to create something that not only leaves him feeling ecstatic but also soothes other people's nerves!

The paper boats, the villagers scurrying across the damp and slushy ground at the sound of thunder, the little huts, juxtaposed along with one another - his canvas is his little diary, it tells tales of his life, of his formative years that have lead him into being who he is.

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