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Dance - 2 by Lalit Maity

In this diptych the artist Lalit Maity depicts the vigour and rhythm of dance, by using two paintings in his execution. In his inimitable style Lalit expresses the vibrancy of movement and the joy the performers take in participating in dance.
A diptych is traditionally any object with two flat surfaces attached with a hinge. ('Di'- two and 'tych'- fold). Modern artists have interpreted this as a set of works comprising two paintings. Lalit uses this form to convey the duality of the persons performing the dance while the continuity in the painting conveys the singularity of the rhythm.
  • - Ref No: PA273
  • - Size: 36.0 x 18.0 in. (91.4 x 45.7 cm.)
  • - Theme: Figurative
  • - Surface: Canvas
  • - Medium: Acrylic
  • - Frame: Not Available
  • - Availability: Recieved
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